About Quiat Companies

True to our vision, the Quiat Companies invest our asset base through ethical and socially responsible business practices to provide increased income for shareholders, employees, and charitable giving.

The Quiat Companies is a broad-reaching real estate and oil & gas investment company comprised of approximately thirty real estate and oil & gas entities with holdings throughout the United States.

The Quiat Companies is an innovative leader in investment acquisitions. We invest our asset base through ethical and socially responsible business practices while providing increased income for shareholders, employees, and charitable giving.

Our mission is to provide strategic and responsible management in the investment of Quiat Companies assets. We incorporate the values of charity and the duty of repairing the world while continuing to provide substantially for our shareholders.

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Our Areas of Expertise

Real Estate

Quiat Companies has invested and continues to invest in a wide variety of selected commercial real estate holdings. Our investments are both owned wholly or in partnership with trusted associates. We have a diverse real estate investment portfolio which includes properties in Colorado, Florida, Oregon and Nebraska. If you are interested

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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas Holdings Areas Of Expertise Informational resources Oil & Gas Holdings The Quiat Companies hold prime Oil and Gas investments in several strategic locations throughout the United States with large mineral holdings all over the western U.S. comprising an interest in over 7000 wells.  We continue to expand

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Private Equity

The Quiat Companies invest in private equity offerings on a very selective basis. We look for unique opportunities in various fund strategies that have exceptional upside potential. These direct investments in Venture Capital Funds are selected through a thorough and extensive due diligence process. The criteria for investment are:Proven Fund

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Meet Our Management

Melinda A. Quiat

Chief Executive Officer

Mary Penny

Chief Financial Officer

Michelle Smith

Vice President Land

Greg Layman


Todd Husak

Human Resources & Operations

Jim Cortney

Real Estate Portfolio Manager

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