Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

Invest the Quiat Companies asset base through ethical and socially responsible business practices to provide increased income for shareholders, employees and charitable giving.

Mission Statement

Strategic and responsible management and investment of Quiat Companies assets that incorporate the values of charity and the duty of repairing the world while continuing to provide substantially for our shareholders.


One hundred percent commitment to the success of the Quiat Companies incorporating the Company’s Vision, Mission, Culture, and Values in all that I do


I am personally responsible for all my work: actions and potential outcomes. I am accountable for all that I do. I am willing to work on myself in order to ensure that I continually improve and achieve better results.

Honesty and Integrity

I will speak the truth and be accountable for what I have said. I will only make agreements when I know I can complete them. I will approach communication with my fellow teammates and the Quiat shareholders with honesty and integrity.


I speak positively of all my team members. I am appreciative of everything that each team member contributes to the success of this business, and I remind them how great our team is.

Flexibility and Curiosity

I am willing to try new things in order to succeed and increase the success of the business. If necessary, these may be changes in technology, relationships, investment structures, etc. in order to remain viable in the business world. I am open to new paths of knowledge and investment. I approach each opportunity with curiosity and interest.

Personal Growth

I recognize that I, and everyone on my team, is human, and I will give myself and my team members room to grow and learn from mistakes. I seek out many sources of education through books, classes, and other forms of learning. I trust my team and myself to make the correct decision as it will create a more meaningful sense of learning.


I would not be successful without the expertise of my team. I recognize their expertise and accomplishments. I will find solutions to work through conflict in the event that it arises. I will ask for help when I need it. I will always be compassionate to my team members. I will commit to make the Quiat Companies a fun work environment.

Gratitude and Abundance

I am truly grateful for the positive things in my life. I say thank you and show appreciation in many ways. I share my abundance as well as receive abundance. I accept that my abundance is related directly to the time and investment in what I do. It is my commitment that shapes my abundance.